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Mental Health Support

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Community Education & Training Programs Are Available.

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Members of Katie's Place Clubhouse attended a NAMI Smarts for Advocacy training with NAMI Northeast Region PA leaders Katie Spencer & JoAnna Van Tine!

NAMI Smarts for Advocacy is a hands-on advocacy training program that helps people living with mental illness, friends and family transform their passion and lived experience into skillful grassroots advocacy.

Let's Walk and Talk for Mental Well-being
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Join us this summer and fall for a monthly Walk-and-Talk series to promote community connection and appreciation of nature's benefits for mental wellness

Join us on July 24 at 10:30 a.m. when our spotlight will be on maternal mental health. Our Momma Bears Support Group leader Katie Spencer will talk about NAMI's resources for maternal mental health and her personal experiences. Then Melissa Roberts, owner of the Ski Shack, will lead us on a walk that will be appropriate for strollers and children to join their mothers. 

We're collaborating with Camp Freedom for our Men's Mental Health walk and talk. The June walk that was canceled due to stormy weather, is being rescheduled to take place in August.  


Visit the calendar page on this site or NAMI Northeast Region PA on Facebook and Instagram for the most up-to-date listing of events.   We want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and NAMI CARES. 


NAMI Northeast Region PA offers in-person and online mental health support groups for families and for individuals living with mental illness in 4 counties throughout NEPA. 
Navigating A Mental Health Crisis

This guide outlines what can contribute to a crisis, warning signs that a crisis is emerging, strategies to help de-escalate a crisis and available resources...


When you join now for just $40 ($5 for Open Door/Student Membership or $60 for Households) you become a part of NAMI at the national, state and local levels.

< Help end the stigma! Join us at an event!

Take care of your mental health.

Supporting Recovery

When someone has a mental health condition, support from family can make a big difference. However, it may be hard for family members to know what approach is best. It can be especially difficult to balance caring for your own health with encouraging others to be responsible for their actions. It's a process, be kind to yourself. 

Finding My Community

"Now, I find joy in every day. Recovery from a mental illness is not linear, and is often a struggle, but that won’t derail my progress. I may have an episode, but I have NAMI, my friends and family, and my coworkers to support me."

Training & Education

NAMI offers education and training programs throughout the year including the Family-to-Family and Peer-to-Peer education programs, Family and Friends, and Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid.

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