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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

 Having partners to help us improve lives in the region is vital to accomplishing our goals and ultimately helping the people of northeast PA to thrive. Here we share some pictures from our fundraisers, educational programs and other events that bring the community together. Thank you for helping us to educate, support, advocate and break the stigma surrounding mental illness.



Nursing Students Gain Empathy from 'Hearing Voices' 

Do you know what it's like to not feel safe in your own mind? 

University of Scranton Nursing Students were able to experience a small taste of what that feels like recently when NAMI Northeast Region PA staff coordinated the "Hearing Voices" simulation to develop understanding and empathy for people who experience hearing distressing voices.

The students wore ear buds connected to a small device with a recording of distressing voices that played for about an hour as they attempted to do tasks ranging from completing puzzles to writing resumes to crafting origami to experiencing a pretend visit to the emergency room.

Thanks to instructor Dr. Barbara Buxton for offering this experience to her students. The amazing insight they shared after the exercise, made it clear that students took a great deal from their experience!

Staff from NAMI Northeast Region PA and a group of mental health advocates from NEPA hopped on a bus to joined hundreds to March on Harrisburg in September. Check out some media coverage of the event here.

Our own Owen Dougherty lent his voice, serving as emcee.


Marching on Harrisburg for Funding Care

Lifting Hearts, Opening Minds through Humor

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