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NAMI Northeast Region PA holds online and in-person mental health support groups for families and for persons living with mental illness. 
Emergency Numbers

Lackawanna, Susquehanna and Wayne Counties' Emergency Contact Numbers and Support.

Training & Education

NAMI offers education and training programs throughout the year including Family to Family, Peer to Peer, Family & Friends, Mental Health First Aid and Youth Mental Health First Aid. 

For more information call 570-342-1047 or email

Navigating a Mental Health Crisis

When mental illness is present, the potential for crisis is never far from mind. Crisis episodes related to mental illness can feel incredibly overwhelming. There’s the initial shock, followed by a flood of questions—the most prominent of which is: “What can we do?”

1. Understanding Suicide

2. Recognizing Warning Signs and Taking Action

3. Helping Your Loved One During and After a Crisis

This guide will help families who have a loved one who is suicidal or has made a suicide attempt.


It will provide information on understanding suicide, warning signs and action steps to take, and how to prevent future attempts and keep your loved one safe. 

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