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When a friend or family member has suicidal thoughts or attempts suicide, it is a traumatic event that impacts the entire family. It is normal to feel scared, confused, or angry. If you are finding it difficult to determine whether or not your family member is at risk of suicide, seek help, and don’t wait. Families and friends play a key role in suicide prevention.


This guide will help you understand how to respond to your loved ones who are in emotional distress and struggling with thoughts of suicide, as well as how to help get them the necessary support and treatment.

Thanks to the support of Lackawanna-Susquehanna Behavioral Health/Intellectual Disability/Early Intervention Program, NAMI Northeast Region is able to offer a free hard copies of this document to community members in need. 


Call 570-342-1047 or email for a free copy of the guide with local resources added or see below to download the guide from SAMSHA.

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